关于英语哲理小短文加翻译:停止just quit

  quit making excuses! making excuses or blaming others for any situation in your life is nothing more than playing the victim.


  take responsibility! make your life decisions, and if you don’t, then it’s your fault. you are a spiritual being in a physical body, and your spirit should run your life. take it back! make today the day you quit playing the victim by making excuses and blaming others for what happens to you.


  quit procrastinating! cancer is not the most deadly killer; procrastination is. it kills dreams. it kills your future. never use the phrase “i’ll try”. there is no such thing as trying. pay attention when others use this phrase: ninety-nine percent of the time they do nothing. the words are just an easy way to comfort oneself.


  quit thinking self-defeating thoughts! quit thinking that you can’t do what you want to do. it’s not what you are that’s holding you back; it’s what you think you are. you were given all the equipment you need to accomplish anything you desire. use that power today.


  as for bad habits: just quit! take the challenge. pick one, and quit it this week. next week pick another, and so on. improve your life by being a “quitter” now.



  what is your most ideal day? do you know exactly how you want to live your life for the next five days, five weeks, five months or five years? when was the last best day of your life? when is the next?


  the best day of our lives is today. the past is no longer here. we cannot enjoy it any longer. to dwell on the past is to waste the opportunity to enjoy the present. the future is a promise, a time that will not come because what we have is only today. when tomorrow comes, it will not be tomorrow any more; it becomes your today. you cannot enjoy tomorrow unless you know how to enjoy your today. if you are to live thirty more years, you are going to experience 10,950 todays. but every day that passes without your notice is a day cut off from your life. your life is a day shorter every new day.


  each day is a decision to live. today is a gift; this is why it is called the "present". how you use this day is up to you. at each new day, you decide whether to unwrap that gift, or let it stay in the corner and spoil. each day is a decision to live your ideal life.



  how you feel, how you react and how much stress you have in your life is in direct relation to how you think.


  some people let random circumstances predict their day and actually end up creating stress for themselves. for example, when they go to make coffee and find there is none left, they may start the day by thinking, "oh, this isn’t going to be a good day." then, for the rest of the day, they duanwenw.com allow minor inconveniences, unexplained challenges or other less ideal events to reinforce their negative thought. and they end up having a stressful day.


  look forward to your day and don’t let negative thoughts control it. change how you interpret or react to life’s events. if you run out of coffee, change your thoughts to, "if this is the worst thing that could happen to me today, then the rest of my day will be great."


  if you continually have negative thoughts, then you are allowing only negative events to be your companion for the rest of the day. and, when something good does occur, you won’t even recognize it.


  the happiness of your life depends on the quality of your thoughts.